Ehren, Colin

Colin Ehren

Colin Ehren

Colin Ehren is an Internet Investigation Consultant with an extensive experience of Government, Police, Corporate and Private Sector investigations. His work encompasses Consultancy, Investigations, Capacity Building and Training.

A former Detective in the Metropolitan Police Confidential Unit, New Scotland Yard, he was UK Government vetted to a high level and was responsible for the development of Confidential and higher classified intelligence by technical exploitation of the Internet, Open and Grey Source material. His work encompassed Organised Crime, Counter Terrorism, National Security, Anti-Corruption, Economic Crime and Child Exploitation related investigations and developed investigation strategies and training in support of these. Upon his retirement from the Police in 2010, he was one of the most experienced Internet Investigators and Trainers in the UK.

As a Consultant Expert and Trainer he has worked with the Basel Institute on Governance,  StAR – World Bank, International Forum on Countering Corruption in Procurement (Panama), MANS (NGO), Serious Organised Crime Agency (now NCA), UNODC and CEPOL.

Colin has trained in excess of 5000 Officers, Investigators, Analysts, Researchers and Managers across UK, Europe, South America and Uganda.

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