Caputo, John

John D. Caputo

John D. Caputo

John D. Caputo is the author of Truth: Philosophy in Transit, a Nobel-level treatise that will be distributed to all participants in the conference. Truth is a conversation — an open conversation — in which the infinite possibilities of man, God, and the Cosmos must be allowed to evolve and become. The future of truth is OPEN, mysterious, Godly, cosmic, HYBRID, without borders, complex, and immortal.

Professor Caputo is the Thomas J. Watson Professor Emeritus for Religion and Humanities at Syracuse University, now retired in Philadelphia, PA.

Professor Caputo specializes in continental philosophy of religion, working on approaches to religion and theology in the light of contemporary phenomenology, hermeneutics and deconstruction, and also the presence in continental philosophy of radical religious and theological motifs. He has special interests in the “religion without religion” of Jacques Derrida; the “theological turn” taken in recent French phenomenology (Jean-Luc Marion and others); the critique of onto-theology; the question of post-modernism as “post-secularism;” the dialogue of contemporary philosophy with St. Augustine; the recent interest shown by philosophers in St. Paul; the link between Kierkegaard and deconstruction; Heidegger’s early theological writings on Paul and Augustine; “secular” and “death of God” theology (Altizer, Vattimo, Zizek); medieval metaphysics and mysticism.

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