Courses (Fee)

osint-trainingOver time the training days will be expanded to three days and provide full certification for all aspects of OSINT, none of which are addressed competently by anyone today.

For now, anyone desiring tailored OSINT training is invited to get in touch with Robert Steele.

Below will expand, there are signs that we may need to go to a five-day conference, with two days focused on leadership and three days focused on line analyst training.  This will evolve between now and January 2017.

Ballroom B

Internet Investigation Tradecraft (0900-1200)

Colin Ehren

Colin Ehren

For all its flaws, the multi-lingual Internet is one of the greatest assets available to investigators focused on organized crime, terrorism, corruption, and child exploitation. Internet Investigation Tradecraft is today the essential foundation for any full-spectrum inquiry. There are two art forms that must be combined: discovery of every relevant bit; and concealment of one’s inquiry. Human investigators accessing offline records and other humans are still essential, but the Internet has become the foundation for modern investigations. Ehren, Colin, Founder, Research & Intelligence Support Centre

Online Research (1400-1700)

arno-in-taiwanMany librarians — and most analysts — simply do not understand how easily one can drill down to precision discovery if they know how to by-pass the inadequacies of most Internet services and tools. To take one simple example, proper techniques can narrow Google search findings from millions to fewer than fifty — the cream. Dutch military intelligence has learned that one should not send a spy where a schoolboy (or librarian) can go. Learn the secrets of overt online investigation that merges the best of master librarianship with Dutch military intelligence experience! Reuser, Arno : Director, Reuser’s Information Services

Ballroom C

Direct Surveying of Indigenous Populations (0900 – 1200)

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield

Over a billion dollars has been spent recently on public opinion surveys in war-torn regions, and very badly so. While it is not possible to understand a foreign country in detail without deep broad surveys of the indigenous populations, inept government management of such surveys, and blatant malpractice among contractors alleging that they are conducting such surveys, is severely detrimental to the blended all-source intelligence and national security decision-making endeavor. Lessons learned from from direct experience are offered. Garfield, Andrew, CEO of Glevum Associates, LLC

Active OSINT — Full-Spectrum Overt Human Intelligence (1400 – 1700)



The craft of intelligence must meet the needs of all stake-holders in a society, with the citizens being the ultimate beneficiaries. It must be replete with integrity, delivering holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) alternatives to predatory wasteful proprietary solutions across all policy domains from Agriculture to Water. Counterintelligence and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) are the book-ends for all-source intelligence done right — all threats, all policies, all costs, together. Steele, Robert David : CEO, Earth Intelligence Network (501c3)