References (Free)

The Open Source Handbook 21 that will be distributed to each participant at this event will be “Ref A.” See the outline for that new handbook, and the links to prior handbooks, at Handbook. At least 80% if not 90% of all references are never going to be listed in one place — the “art” of OSINT in knowing who to ask to get to exactly the right mix of sources and methods. Robert Steele is “Ref B.”

Below are supplemental references.

Arnold Information Technology

Beyond Search

Vendor Profiles (Enterprise Search)

Memorandum to Vice President Biden, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, et al.

SUBJECT: Supporting the President’s Interest in 2015 Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Innovation – the Open Source (Technologies) Agency, Digital Deserts, & Global Stabilization

European Commission

Open Source Strategy in the European Commission

Open Source Solutions, Inc. / Earth Intelligence Network

2016 Robert Steele: OSINT Done Right – An Indictment of 25 years of expensive passive failure

Readings – Recent

Readings – Historical